The Terms and Conditions stated herein, as defined by SM Lifestyle and Entertainment Inc. (“ePLUS”), form the basis and the guidelines on the membership to the ePLUS Program and defines the rights and obligations of the ePLUS Member. Members of the ePLUS Program are subject to these guidelines and are deemed to have accepted the Terms, Conditions, Guidelines, and Rules thereof upon signing the ePLUS Program Application Form.

ePLUS Program : Application
  1. Eligibility and process for application to the ePLUS Program are as follows:
    1. Requirements for the ePLUS Program application:
      1. An applicant to the ePLUS Program must submit at least one valid identification card, such as, but not limited to the following:
        • School ID;
        • Employee ID;
        • Driver’s License;
        • Passport;
        • SSS Card;
        • TIN Card; or
        • Any other government-issued identification card
      2. Minors may still apply for membership to the Program. However, the minor’s parent/legal guardian must sign the application form to signify his/her consent to the minor’s application for membership. The signing parent/legal guardian shall be fully responsible for the minor’s membership to the Program and shall comply with the Program’s Terms, Conditions, Guidelines, and Rules.
    2. Application Process:

      In order to apply to the ePLUS Program, an applicant must:
      1. Fill out the application form at any ePLUS Booth at SM Cinemas nationwide, or online via www.eplus.ph;
      2. Submit the completely filled out application form at any ePLUS Booth and pay the corresponding fee for card only or the ePLUS Starter Kit;
      3. Claim his/her personalized ePLUS Card and Starter Kit, if availed at any ePLUS Booth;
  2. Each Member is obligated to keep his/her information file up-to-date by reporting any change in name, address and other data. Member may do so by filling out an updated form at any ePLUS Booth and submitting the same for processing. Verbal notifications are invalid and will not be entertained.
  3. Member agrees to receive communications, including but not limited to SMS and emails, from ePLUS.
  4. ePLUS reserves the right, at its sole discretion and without prior notice, to cancel the membership to the ePLUS Program of any member, as well as any and all awards and privileges that go with the said program membership.
  5. Membership to the ePLUS Program shall be valid for a period of one (1) year, subject to renewal by the Member. Any movie credits earned by an expired ePLUS program membership may still be redeemed by the Member after expiration.
  6. The Member may renew his/her membership to the ePLUS Program by filling out a renewal form at any ePLUS Booth and paying the renewal fee.
  7. Membership to the ePLUS Program will terminate automatically and all rights and privileges pertaining to the ePLUS Program are deemed void upon the death of the Member

ePLUS Program: Card Usage
  1. The ePLUS card is and shall remain the property of ePLUS and must be returned on demand.
  2. The ePLUS Card is a reloadable prepaid card accepted in any ePLUS partner establishment nationwide.
  3. Reloading of the ePLUS Card is through any ePLUS booth located at SM Cinema Branches and SM Malls and other reloading partners and facilities.
  4. The load and movie credits earned during the program membership are non-expiring. However, a dormancy fee shall apply after 2 years of inactive use.
  5. In case of non-renewal of the program membership, the ePLUS Card may still be used as a reloadable prepaid card.
  6. In case of non-renewal to the ePLUS Program, the ePLUS Card may still be used but ePLUS movie credits will not be awarded for any purchase and/or activity that is identified by ePLUS and/or its ePLUS Program Partners as not eligible for earning ePLUS Movie Credits.
  7. In case of lost or damaged ePLUS Card, the ePLUS Card may be replaced by ePLUS following the guidelines set forth herein. The Cardholder agrees to immediately report the said incident in writing or by calling the ePLUS Hotline Number immediately to report the lost ePLUS Card. In no case shall ePLUS be held liable for a member’s lost or redeemed ePLUS Movie Credits or load, regardless of whether or not the member immediately reported the loss or damage of his/her ePLUS Card. The member shall be charged with a replacement fee for the issuance of a new ePLUS Card in his/her name. ePLUS shall issue a new ePLUS Tap To Pay Card within 24 hours from the date that the Member reported the lost or damaged card, provided that the necessary replacement form and replacement fee has been duly filed and processed.

ePLUS Program : Earning of Movie Credits
  1. Rules, guidelines, and promotion offerings for earning ePLUS Movie Credits shall be prescribed by ePLUS at its sole discretion. ePLUS reserves the right at all times to make any changes to any such rules, guidelines, and promotion offerings, at its sole discretion.
  2. The ePLUS Card must be presented in order to earn movie credits for a transaction. Movie credits are non-transferrable. No movie credit/s shall be credited if the Member fails to present his/her Card.
  3. The ePLUS Card is accepted in all SM Cinemas, Snack Time branches, and other partner establishments.
  4. The Member shall earn specific number of Movie Credits when they use their ePLUS load in the following:
    1. Purchase of Movie Tickets in SM Cinema; or
    2. Purchase of Products from a Partner Merchant.
  5. Upon ePLUS’ discretion and notification to the Member, additional movie credits may be earned in certain instances, which include, but are not limited to:
    1. purchase of tickets to a featured movie or Snack Time meal, products, merchandise; or
    2. other promotions and special offers.
  6. ePLUS Movie Credits accrued by any Member do not constitute the property of the Member and shall have no cash or monetary value; hence, the same cannot be exchanged for cash. ePLUS Movie Credits cannot be earned for Value Added Tax, other government charges and service charges.
  7. ePLUS reserves the right to make adjustments on earned or accrued movie credits as it sees fit including, but no limited to, deduction of movie credits arising from returned goods, items, or services or from disputes.
  8. It is the responsibility of the Cardholder to keep transaction receipts, which may be required in case of request for verification of movie credits by the Cardholder.
  9. Employees of ePLUS Program Partners are subject to their respective employer’s policy on the earning of ePLUS Movie Credits from purchases from said employers.
  10. In case of refund, movie credits earned shall be reversed. Existing refund policy of ePLUS Program Partners and establishments applies.

ePLUS Program : Movie Credits Redemption
  1. Rules, guidelines and venues for the redemption of ePLUS Movie Credits shall be prescribed by ePLUS at its sole discretion. ePLUS reserves the right at all times to make any changes to any such rules, guidelines, and venues, at its sole discretion.
  2. For the redemption of ePLUS Movie Credits, those credits reflected in ePLUS’s system and/or records shall be deemed correct and ePLUS has the exclusive right to determine the available amount of movie credits to be awarded to or redeemed by the Cardholder. Card must be presented upon movie credit redemption. Cardholder shall present a valid ID for redemption of items.
  3. Redeemed Awards or Privileges are not exchangeable for other Awards or Privileges, or refundable, replaceable, or be sold or transferred for cash or credit, under any circumstances.
  4. By redeeming movie credits for Award or Privileges, the Member releases ePLUS, its principals, subsidiaries, affiliates, and its ePLUS Program Partners from any and all liability to the Cardholder regarding the use and redemption of the movie credits and on the issuance and usage of said Awards or Privileges. Movie Credits already redeemed may no longer be changed, revoked, or cancelled.
  5. ePLUS will bear no responsibility for resolving any disputes concerning any goods or services received by the Cardholder from a partner establishment.
  6. Each Redemption Partner’s return and exchange policy will apply on redeemed awards.
  7. Information acquired during issuance and redemption of credits during program membership processing, may be used by ePLUS and its partners for administrative and marketing purposes.

ePLUS Program: Significant Changes
  1. These Terms and Conditions cannot be superseded or changed except by ePLUS. ePLUS shall use reasonable efforts to provide ePLUS Members with accurate and timely information regarding the ePLUS Program including any changes thereof; however, ePLUS shall not be liable in any way for failure to do so.
  2. ePLUS is not liable for any Award or Privileges not being available or being withdrawn for any reason whatsoever by any ePLUS Program Partner.
  3. ePLUS reserves the right at all times, without notice and its sole discretion:
    1. to make any changes whatsoever to these Terms and Conditions including the rules and guidelines in the Member’s Manual;
    2. to withdraw, cancel, withhold, substitute, deny access to or use of or in any way change any of the Awards or Privileges previously advertised or offered, to any Member, at any time, without prior notice, and ePLUS will not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by the Member resulting from such withdrawal, cancellation, variation or change;
    3. to terminate or materially alter the ePLUS Program and/or revoke the program membership of any Member and/or the right of any Member to use the ePLUS Card or to utilize any Awards or Privileges.

Breach of Terms and Conditions
  1. It is a breach of these Terms and Conditions for any Cardholder, in the reasonable opinion of ePLUS, to:
    1. abuse any Awards, Privileges, facilities, services or arrangements accorded to the Cardholder as a result of membership to the ePLUS Program;
    2. act in any fraudulent manner or in any way which is likely to be detrimental to the interest of the ePLUS Program and/or any ePLUS Program Partner;
    3. supply or attempt to supply misleading information, or make any misrepresentation to ePLUS or any ePLUS Program Partner; or act in any way which in ePLUS’ s reasonable opinion breaches or is likely to breach these Terms and Conditions. ePLUS’ s decision as to what constitutes a breach shall be final and conclusive.
  2. Any breach of these Terms and Conditions, whether intentional or otherwise, may result in termination of the program membership, forfeiture of earned or issued ePLUS Movie Credits, and cancellation of Awards or Privileges, at the sole discretion of ePLUS. Eligibility for future or further participation in the ePLUS Program or other ePLUS Programs shall likewise be affected.
  3. In the event of termination, all Movie Credits, Awards or Privileges that may have been earned or accrued by the Cardholder will also be terminated, and these may not be sold, assigned or transferred or otherwise redeemed. ePLUS shall in no way be liable for any ePLUS Movie Credits, Awards or Privileges of a terminated Member.

  1. These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of the Philippines.
  2. All questions or disputes regarding eligibility for the program membership in the ePLUS Program or eligibility for accrual or redemption of Awards or Privileges will be resolved by ePLUS at its sole discretion.
  3. Failure of ePLUS to enforce a particular Term or Condition shall not constitute a waiver of that Term or Condition.
  4. The Member is solely responsible for the use of any Award or Privilege; whether the Awards or Privileges are used by the Member or by a third party.
  5. The Member is personally liable for any and all costs, charges claims or liabilities including duties, taxes and fees from third parties, government and non-government entities of whatever nature arising from the use of any Awards or Privileges, as provided by ePLUS and the earning, redemption or use of any Award or Privileges.
  6. ePLUS shall, in no event, be responsible for nor liable to the Member or any other party for any loss or damage, directly or indirectly, that may occur relating to the use of, misuse of or failure to use the ePLUS Card in accordance with these terms and conditions. In this regard, the Cardholder agrees to indemnify and hold ePLUS, SM Supermalls and (as applicable) its parent companies, subsidiaries, affiliates and employees harmless from any claim or demand made by any third party due to or arising out of the Member’s breach of these Terms and Conditions or his/her violation of any law or the rights of any third parties.
  7. The Cardholder hereby understands and agrees that the successful operation of the ePLUS Program is based on the cooperative interaction among ePLUS, the Members, and the various ePLUS Program Partners. The Member also hereby understands and agrees that proper implementation of the Terms and Conditions between ePLUS and the Member is closely related and/or intertwined with the proper implementation of the agreement between ePLUS and each ePLUS Program Partner.
  8. ePLUS, in its sole direction, may appoint an agent or contractor to undertake some part or all parts of the ePLUS Program on its behalf. In such a situation, any reference to ePLUS in the Terms and Conditions shall automatically include such agent(s) or contractor(s).